Wonderfully Made’s childbirth education classes are a must for expectant families. They combine Carnley’s extensive experience as a doula in the local community with evidenced based curriculum from Plumtree Baby.

The classes are a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands on practice.
Topics include:

Healthy Pregnancy – everything you need to know about keeping you and your baby healthy and safe

Understanding the Labor Process – what happens during a normal labor and birth

Planning for Your Optimal Birth – figuring out what your ideal birth looks like and how to achieve that

Labor Techniques and Comfort Measures – techniques for the expectant mom and her partner to help keep her comfortable throughout the labor process

What to Expect – home birth, birth center, and hospital birth

Variations of labor – things that can happen in a labor that might change your plans and how to handle them

Interventions (including induction, pain medications, and epidurals) – what they are and when they are commonly used

Cesarean sections – when they are necessary, what you need to know, and how to handle emergencies

Your new baby – diapers, newborn behavior, sleep patterns, and more

Breastfeeding – Milk, Latching, Common Issues, Pumping, Going Back to Work


“I found Carnley online and we chose to take her pre-pregnancy classes! We came out so much more educated than we began! She was honest, and positive! My birthing experience would have been so scary for both my hubby and I if we hadn’t known at least what to expect! It was a blessing to have met her, I would recommend her to anyone near and dear to me – we love her!!”
– Rheannen, 1st time mom

Both group and private classes are available. Private classes are held in your home on your schedule. Please contact Carnley to schedule yours today. Group class schedules can be found on our calendar & pricing information can be found on our registration page.

Currently scheduled group classes:

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