Why Take a Childbirth Education Class?

The memories a family has of their child’s birth will remain with them throughout their lives. The experience can affect a mother profoundly, influencing self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence in her ability to parent.

The birth process also affects the mother’s partner, shaping his/her relationships with the mother and the new baby. Knowing what to expect during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period is extremely important for both the mother and her partner.

Childbirth education classes help families understand the birth process, giving them the tools they need to adjust to the changes occurring in their lives.


Both expectant mothers and their partners can benefit from attending childbirth education classes.

Benefits of attending a childbirth education class include:

Understanding of the physiological process of birth
Recognition of the many variations of “normal” labor
Knowledge of options for birth
Opportunity to see and practice a variety of comfort measures
Opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns
Option to meet others families in the same stage of life and build a community of support

“As first time parents, we had no idea what we didn’t know! Carnley provided us with all the information we needed to feel we could make informed and educated decisions during my labor and delivery.”
– Mallory, 1st time mom

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