“Originally my wife had planned for a completely natural birth, so we knew a doula would be an essential part of that plan, to guide my wife throughout the labor experience and keep her focused and positive. As it turned out, we have to have a c-section.

This did not make having a doula and less necessary or helpful. If anything, her calm, positive spirit was needed even more as life threw us this unexpected curveball. She helped my wife (and me!) through this stressful, joyful, frightening, and absolutely wonderful time in our lives.

I would not hesitate to recommend a doula to anyone planning to have a child, regardless of their intended birth plan.”

– Jeremy, 1st time dad

“From early on in my pregnancy, Carnley was checking in on me frequently and giving me the emotional support I so needed. I was advanced maternal age and wanting to do a VBAC. When others didn’t seem to understand, Carnley understood exactly why a VBAC was so important to me and she respected that, fully supported that, and reassured me every step of the way.

Even on days when I was feeling nervous and doubtful, she gave me such great encouragement to keep me hanging in there and avoiding a scheduled c-section. She genuinely cared about my feelings and about me getting the positive birth experience I really needed. She was so sweet, kind, sincere, and excited the entire time. I felt like I’d known her forever and that I had a trusted friend by my side.”

– Kristin

“We hired a doula because my mother recommended we look into it. At first I had no idea what one was, but after researching further we decided it was a good idea to hire one. We are so glad that we did! You gave us reassurance while we were here at the house and tremendous support in the hospital.

It was nice to have different ideas to try on comforting. I also feel comfortable contacting you whenever needed with questions. I would definitely do it again and would highly recommend you.”

– Valerie, 1st time mom

“I was impressed with how knowledgeable Carnley was about birth and pregnancy. She was positive and encouraging, empathetic and not afraid to speak up for my wife’s needs. She was good – I would hire her again without hesitation!

– Ted, 2nd time dad

“As an expectant father who had never experienced a birth before, having a doula was one of the best decisions we made. As a father-to-be, it doesn’t become real until she goes into labor and you hold your new baby for the 1st time. Having a doula there truly helped me through the process and helped me to expect what would happen next. If I could do it again, I would have found Carnley sooner than we did. She helped make it an absolutely wonderful experience.”

– 1st time dad

“I hired a doula to help with techniques during labor to achieve the natural labor I wanted with my first birth that I never got. With the assistance of Carnley, I achieved that goal and I felt totally in control the entire time! I would do a natural labor again and a doula really takes the pressure off the father as well. I would recommend a doula to everyone trying to achieve that empowering natural birth! I was in the hospital 24 hours and never even had to get an IV or a port. It was a perfect labor and delivery! Wonderfully Made is great!

– Andrea, 2nd time mom

“Carnley was amazing. She alleviated my fears, kept me focused, and helped me through an emotional birth experience. My husband was deployed during the birth of my second child. Having Carnley there to support me was one of the best decisions that I made and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

– mom of 3

“I wanted to do a VBAC and Carnley helped make it a happy reality for me. She recommended a great OB to me then kept in touch with me all during my pregnancy, especially so during the last two weeks. She had my mental and emotional well being in mind as well as my physical well being. I could not have had such a happy birth experience without her. I went epidural-free and was not miserable thanks to her massage techniques. Her knowledge of the birth process and her comforting demeanor kept me calm and confident during the intense moments of the birth. I highly recommend her!”

– Kristin

“Carnley was a trusted and calming presence during the birth of my second child. It was good to have an experienced doula help me through an unexpectedly fast paced labor…in a hospital setting I was not entirely comfortable with! Carnley is someone you can trust to be there for you.”

– Dot, mom of 2

“If you are looking for a doula I highly recommend Carnley. She is good at what she does. She is thoughtful, caring, and encouraging. Her warm personality makes her easy to bond with. The doctors thought I had less than a 5% chance of delivering my baby naturally and pushed for a repeat cesarean. However Carnley believed in me and kept me encouraged. I give her a lot of credit to my successful VBAC!”

– LaShanna, mom of 2

“Carnley is the doula you want! She brings a wonderful energy to the experience. Unfortunately I had to have an emergency c section but she came to the hospital and stayed until baby and I were recovered and settled into our room. She also made sure the hospital didn’t dispose of the placenta since I wanted it encapsulated. Since I was stuck in the hospital she went above and beyond and took my placenta to the encapsulator for me. I will definitely be hiring her again for my next pregnancy and will remain friends with this amazing woman forever.”

– Jessica, mom of 3

“If you are even considering a Doula, look no further. Just call Carnley and hire her! She is AMAZING! Not only is she totally awesome for the laboring mom, but she is a rockstar for the dads too. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you hire her!”

– Shanna, mom of 3

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