Why Hire a Postpartum Doula?

The first few weeks after a baby arrives can be a challenging time. The new parents are adjusting to caring for a baby, surviving on less sleep than they are used to, and navigating changes in their relationship. At the same time, their new baby is adjusting to the world outside the womb. Siblings are figuring out their role as new brothers and sisters. Hiring a trained postpartum doula can help ease this transition for the whole family.
Historically, extended family members and people in the community cared for new mothers and babies by cooking for the family, cleaning their homes, and caring for older siblings. In today’s society, new parents often live far away from their extended families and sometimes have little to no support from their communities. Postpartum doulas help fill this void. The provide services that help new families adjust to their new roles and bond as a family unit.

Consider hiring a postpartum doula today!


“After arriving home from the hospital, having Carnley as a postpartum doula gave us a much easier transition into parenthood and establishing a new “normal.”

For my husband, who was working 12 hour days, it made him far more comfortable leaving in the morning knowing Carnley would be there shortly after to help me with my personal transition into mommy-hood.”
– Johanna, 1st time mom

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